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Getting a Head Start on Accuplacer®
A dynamic new way to prepare for Accuplacer®

Internet-based assessment and skill-building resources that can significantly lower the number of Accuplacer® testers who are assigned to remedial courses—and significantly increase the percentage of those students who complete their degrees. 

"Of all the computer-based programs we've used over the past five years in our test preparation programs for Accuplacer®, the ComFit Online Learning Center is the only program that has produced measurably succcessful results."
Cheli Gentry, University of Central Oklahoma.
Our individualized, comprehensive, and highly targeted test prep content for Accuplacer® offers far more than the usual mix of test-taking “tips” and “sample questions” found in the vast majority of online programs that focus on Accuplacer®.

Here's what we offer:

  • A "drill-down" assessment process that pinpoints the specific skills and knowledge gaps that are likely to undermine Accuplacer® test performance
  • Interactive "walk-me-thru-it" mini-lessons that target individual needs
  • Instructor-friendly learning data management tools that monitor student activity and document improvement

Accuplacer® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which is neither affiliated with nor endorses this website.

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